Leaf Burning Alternatives
The Village Board enacted a ban against burning leaves in recent years. Some people regret the loss of this traditional practice. Others rejoice in the affects of cleaner autumn air.

Regardless of your feeling, the ban has left many to decide how to handle the cleanup and/or disposal of the season's colorful harvest of leaves.

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Managing Leaves and Yard Trimmings

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Leave them on the ground

The Village contracts with its current waste hauler, Violia Environmental Services, for the collection of bagged yard waste, including leaves. This includes 429 tons collected per year, of which 230 tons are done in 7 pick ups in October and November. The 7 other pickup dates are from April through September and this includes yard waste and leaves. Village costs for leaf and yard waste pick up are approximatly $73,300 per year.

The village offers some rational and ways to impliment some alternate practices, including; mulching, grasscycling, composting...

Instead of burning, the DNR recommends that you:

• Compost leaves and plant clippings. Consult DNR regional or service center staff, University of Wisconsin-Extension and your local government to find out whether local ordinances allow you to compost raw vegetables, bread, egg shells and coffee grounds.

• Chip brush and clean wood to make mulch or decorative chips, or use it as heating fuel in wood stoves or boilers.

• Dispose of allowable waste materials at a licensed landfill. For more information about what items may be disposed of at licensed landfills, contact the Recycling Program at your DNR regional office or service center.