Hales Corners Gardener's Challenge
The Hales Corners Environmental Committee is looking for a few enthusiastic gardeners.
Decorative plantings are more than just nice to look at. They provide habitat for valued butterflies, bees, birds, and insects. This biodiversity strengthens the environment and nurtures the natural process. It adds beauty to the neighborhood and encourages others to do the same.
Gardens not only beautify our community, provide habitat for wildlife, and food for ourselves; gardening is also a great way to get some exercise! So while you are planning next year’s garden on those snowy winter days, think about participating in this project.

The only requirement to be considered for recognition this year is that the garden must be visible from a road or walkway. Backyard gardens may be difficult to enjoy by passers-by even if the local bird population loves them. Though an award of merit will be given out at the end of the summer season, the emphasis is on participation and less for competition.

Consider plantings which will enhance the habitat for birds. (see the Bird City page) The best way to attract birds is to landscape to provide a hardy menu of insects, berries, etc.

A new ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECT had been introduced last year.
There has been an increasing amount of attention about the deminishing population of POLLINATORS. These creatures include: bees, butterflies, humming birds, bats, beatles, and a multitude of other insects that provide a vital sustaining role of pollinating flowering plants essential to our food crops and habitat for and intire population in the food chain.

To be considered for a merit award the Committee must receive a nomination. Nominations can be initiated by neighbors, Committee members, casual observers, or yourself. Submit your nomination by clicking on the link below.

Floral gardens usually have variable blooming peaks which makes it difficult for the Committee to capture with a single judging session. To remedy this, we ask that the nominations be accompanied with a photograph. One which will capture the most visual impact of the plantings.

Nominees who wish to participate must have their gardens photographed to be considered for posting on the Hales Corners Environmental Committee's website.

If you wish to nominate a worthy display but you don't have a digital camera, please feel free to ask one of the Committee members to assist you.
Click on the link below.
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